Transforming an Ancient Blueprint through the Power of Theatre

A father sells his daughter in a shady backroom deal; a mother’s grief and rage devastates the earth; a young victim claims power to become Queen of the Underworld; and the Lord of Death is transformed by it all.

The rape and imprisonment of Persephone was a foundational myth in the emergence of the Western psyche. It reverberates today not only in the #MeToo movement, but also in its prophesy of the environmental crisis we now face. The rule of competition, domination, and self-glorification over the feminine inclinations toward compassion, connection, and cooperation are now seen in the destruction of a planet that is literally the mother to us all. With heartbreaking betrayals, acts of stunning courage, haunting melodies, comic interludes,  and passionate drama, THE MYSTERIES, shows how the story might be rewritten if we hope to survive in these dangerous times.

Jean Houston, PhD. Author, Scholar, Philosopher

“THE MYSTERIES is worthy of the gods. Its brilliant cadences of words and song, streaming from the mind and soul of Ann Mortifee’s genius, and its sheer gifts of originality and surprise, grant us wildly creative breakthroughs into what musical theater can be. It is a revelation, an epiphany, and a grand good time.”           

     – Jean Houston